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Why did I receive a text message I didn't request?
Another customer may have entered your phone number into our system by mistake. To avoid receiving future text messages, you can unsubscribe from your mobile phone by replying "STOP" to 80721.

Why haven't I received any text messages?
Delivery can be delayed if you live in a densely populated area or if your carrier's infrastructure isn't well-maintained. Some carriers may have text messages from short codes turned off by default. Check with your carrier for information on how to enable text messages from short codes.

How much do text messages cost?
The cost of your text messages will vary depending on your plan and provider, but will likely be your standard text message rates. Contact your mobile phone provider for details.

Who can subscribe to receive future Kaepernick product text messages?
Customers residing in North America with a telephone number that is capable of receiving text messages.

What is the future Kaepernick product text messaging program?
It is a text message program that allows customers to stay up to date on future Kaepernick product releases via text message.

Which text messages will I receive?
Messages will inform you when products launch with a link to

How do I subscribe to receive text messages?
You can send a message saying "YES" to 80721, or subscribe on the home page.

How do I unsubscribe from text messages?
You can send a message saying "STOP" to 80721, or unsubscribe here.

How often will I receive text messages?
Messaging for future Kaepernick products will be limited per calendar year. You will only receive these messages when a new product line comes out.

Who are the supported carriers?